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Life is a journey with many ups and downs.  I have a passion for helping clients find freedom and hope in their life circumstances.  I want to join them on their path through life and help them find healing both emotionally and spiritually. 


I come from a biblically-based perspective but am very happy to meet you wherever you are spiritually.  In my practice, I have worked with a wide range of belief systems - from atheists to devout Christians.  My desire is to join you and journey with you to hope and healing.


Let's get started on the journey to more meaning and joy in your life.  

Jana Ivey

Marriage & Family


Some seasons of life are easier to walk through than others.  While each individual has different needs and experiences, we all have a need to relate to others and experience hope. 

Relationships are meant to be a place where we love and feel loved.  Counseling helps open communication lines where issues can be worked through.  

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