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When we meet, I will work with you using evidence-based therapy techniques including cognitive-behavioral therapy, solution-focused therapy, EMDR trauma therapy, family systems therapy and the Intimacy Therapy technique.  I offer in-person or online Skype sessions.  
All sessions are 50 minutes.  The fee per session is $135.  We are out of network for insurance but are able to provide a receipt so our clients can submit it to their insurance for direct reimbursement if their policy allows. 


We all have times in our lives where we struggle with certain issues. Whether it is just a difficult season you are walking through or a more long-term issue you have never dealt with, I would like to help you find hope and healing.  Among other issues, I work with adults struggling with:  

                 depression                                 relationship issues 

                 grief and loss                             childhood sexual abuse

                 anxiety                                       post-abortion recovery

                 anger                                          addiction

                 forgiveness                                trauma recovery

                 self-harm                                   spiritual issues

                 parenting                                   abuse





Families are intended to be a safe haven for their members.  Creating this safe haven can be a challenge at times.  I offer counseling on parenting as well as have experience with blended-family counseling. Children are gifts and my desire is to help parents lead them well.  



Marriage is meant to be the most intimate relationship in our life. Many times, however, there are past or present issues  that get in the way of this healthy intimacy.  Whether it is an extra-marital affair, communication issues, or just a stagnant relationship, I provide a safe environment where couples can work through hurts, address obstacles to communication and renew intimacy in their marriage.


I also provide pre-marital counseling for engaged couples where I help them learn essential marriage skills as well as identify potential problem areas to work through.  Finally, I offer pre-engagement counseling as well.  Pre-engagement counseling can help a couple decide if they are meant for each other before all the wedding planning begins!  


Whether you are just beginning a lifetime with another or have been married 30 years, counseling can be an immense help in creating a healthier relationship.   

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